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On Arendt is a mailing list and resource for any academics – new or established – to hear about upcoming events, publications, and engagements with Hannah Arendt’s work across Europe [although a wider Global remit is very welcome].

Subscribing also gives you the opportunity to advertise and promote anything that you are doing with regards to the work of Hannah Arendt. All you need to do to is email the site creator ( with details of what you are doing, and an email will be sent out to the entire mailing list.*

At On Arendt we are very keen to keep the emails that our subscribers receive relevant and interesting – we feel too often mailing lists have become relentless and irrelevant. As such, we will make sure the maximum number of emails that subscribers receive will be 1 per week. 

Subscribing to the ‘On Arendt’ mailing list is free and holds no obligations to those who have signed up. It is a volunteer-run not-for-profit group. You are free to leave (or re-join) whenever you like.

If you are interested in subscribing to the mailing list, please click on the icon below…

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*This is only available to registered subscribers. Also, posting to the mailing list is subject to vetting by the site creator. Emailing by the end of the week is the plan; it will obviously depend on the site creator’s availability, and whether additional details are required before an email is sent to the mailing list. Despite any vetting, the mailing list creator holds no responsibility for the posts that are sent out on behalf of mailing list subscribers.